The ADHD-Addiction Connection

The ADHD Addiction Connection - The Meadows Malibu

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that can alter how we think or behave. Specific symptoms include chronic difficulty focusing, hyperactivity, and problems with impulse control. There’s a strong connection between ADHD and substance addiction, which can make treating the co-occurring conditions challenging. Many adults who grew up with undiagnosed or untreated ADHD now live with the consequences of that delayed diagnosis or treatment, including increased risk for struggles with addiction. However, understanding how they work together can lead to successful treatment. 

Treatment for Professionals, Doctors, and High-Profile Individuals

Treatment for Professionals, Doctors, and High-Profile Individuals - The Meadows Malibu

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that addiction doesn’t discriminate. It affects people of all ages, careers, income brackets, and zip codes. Even if someone seemingly “has it all,” there’s no guarantee that everything is okay behind the scenes. If anything, one of the not-so-appealing perks of high-profile careers is the additional pressure — and the stress that accompanies it — to stay on top.

Pro Athletes: When the Spotlight Fades

Pro Athletes: When the Spotlight Fades - The Meadows Malibu

If you’re a professional athlete, all those years of training and competing can play into your sense of purpose. That work has been a part of you and your identity. So what happens when the game ends? How do you deal with the fading of the spotlight? Is there a way to regain vision and purpose in your life outside of your former career?

How Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help You During Addiction Treatment?

How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help You Recover from Addiction? - The Meadows Maliibu

If you’ve done any research on therapy before, you might recognize the term Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). But what you might not know is that CBT, while beneficial for a range of mental health issues, has also been proven to be effective in treating addiction. In fact, it is widely used in substance use disorder treatment, often with great and lasting success.

Quarantined Sports Negatively Impact Athletes and Fans

Sports fans

It’s been one heck of a chaotic year for the world of American sports, one that most of us are unlikely to forget anytime soon. COVID-19 initiated lockdowns and event cancellations in March of last year, and every professional sports league has had to make its own decisions about how to proceed safely.

4 Ways to Get the Most of Treatment

4 Ways To Get the Most Out of Treatment - The Meadows Malibu

“If you’re going to do it, you might as well get the most out of it.” While that’s true of many things in life, it’s particularly true of the recovery process. Because of the investment required — time, energy, money, and the break from daily life and work — it’s crucial to make sure treatment pays off and that you experience the full benefits of drug and alcohol recovery. So, how does one get the most out of recovery? Here are four ways that will help you maximize your treatment and recovery experience.

The Importance of Emotional Checkups

Woman Contemplating at Sunset - The Meadows Malibu

While most of us don’t hesitate to check in with our doctors for physical health, emotional checkups are harder to integrate into our regular healthcare routine — maybe because we don’t know we need them. The insidious nature of negative mental health effects like depression and anxiety makes them harder to identify before they start wreaking havoc on our well-being.

Meadows Behavioral Healthcare’s Broad Beach Recovery Center Becomes The Meadows Malibu

Broad Beach becomes The Meadows Malibu
[MALIBU, CALIFORNIA – September 28, 2020] Meadows Behavioral Healthcare announced today that it is renaming its Southern California inpatient treatment facility The Meadows Malibu. Formerly known as Broad Beach Recovery Center, this change is about much more than branding. The new name represents training, program development, and the clinical integration of MBH’s time-tested methods and proven Meadows Model of trauma-informed care.

3 Key Habits for Better Brain Health

Food for a healthy brain

I’ve often noticed in my patients that their most prized organ can be the first one to forget. They come to me for glowing skin, prevention of heart disease or general weight loss but few come and ask for a “brain health” plan. In fact — the brain is the first organ we should cater to if our goal is a better and longer life.