A Customized Plan for a Unique Population

A substance use disorder is hard enough to overcome, but for licensed health professionals and others governed by regulatory boards, addiction can also put their entire career at risk. That’s why The Meadows Malibu offers a program tailored to this group’s very specific needs.

Who We treat

Doctors and lawyers

At The Meadows Malibu, we treat:

  • medical doctors
  • dentists
  • mental health professionals
  • nurse practitioners
  • other healthcare professionals
  • pilots
  • lawyers
  • business executives
  • other licensed or regulated professionals


The Meadows Malibu Professionals Program, created under the guidance of Dr. Michel Sucher, was specifically designed to treat professionals dealing with substance use disorders and other potentially impairing conditions. Our knowledgeable staff understands what’s at stake and has the experience to provide the treatment necessary to mitigate risk and maximize success. Our highly experienced clinical team is committed to helping you achieve not just sobriety and career restoration but also a healthy work-life balance necessary to sustain lasting recovery.

Our Program Includes:

  • An in-depth psychological and psychiatric evaluation
  • A highly individualized, comprehensive treatment plan based on our proven model
  • Weekly professionals groups led by Dr. Sucher
  • Family programming (may also include colleagues, as appropriate)
  • A focus on career restoration, with experience working with boards and regulatory agencies
  • Regular progress communication with referent, PHP, board and/or employer, as appropriate
  • Documentation packaging to address PHP state board requirements
  • A practice assessment with Dr. Sucher focused on achieving work-life balance

Technology Access

Executives and licensed professionals who are seeking treatment for substance use disorders and mental health issues don’t always have the option to put their careers on hold. Our Professionals Program understands this and allows clients access to their laptops and phones during approved times in their customized schedule. This lets patients get the help they need while remaining available to maintain essential work communications.


Holistic and Customized Treatment

Everyone in the Professionals Program also benefits from the holistic and personalized treatment programming The Meadows Malibu is known for. We follow a trauma-focused model and adhere to the three principles as guideposts for treatment. Everyone who spends time at The Meadows Malibu has access to our Brain Center, which includes neurofeedback as well as other state-of-the-art equipment to promote self-regulation skills. They also enjoy healthy gourmet meals, high-end accommodations, and stunning ocean views while surrounded by Malibu’s natural beauty.

Length of Stay

We know these busy professionals are eager to get back to work, so there’s always concern about how long treatment will take. While our Professionals Program has a 45-day average length of stay, every patient’s situation is unique, so time in treatment is always determined by individual progress. Taking the time necessary to truly heal leads to better outcomes and less chance of relapse.

Getting Back to Work

Our team has the experience to navigate board and professional health program requirements for reinstatement. We understand how and when to communicate with the appropriate parties, sharing necessary information regarding initial diagnosis as well as ongoing progress.


Support As You Return Home

Our role doesn’t end when treatment does. To help ensure success, alumni are given ongoing support in the form of aftercare groups. As they begin to apply the tools acquired during treatment to real-life situations, professional peers who have “been there” and are further along in their recovery can share their experiences and offer encouragement.

about the team

Michel Sucher

Michel Sucher, MD, DFASAM

Executive Medical Director

Dr. Sucher has been a leader in addiction medicine for decades and served as the medical director of the monitored after-care programs for the Arizona Medical Board, the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners, and the State Bar of Arizona for over 25 years. He founded the California Physicians Health Program in 2004 and functioned as its president until 2020. A consultant in addiction medicine to most Arizona healthcare regulatory agencies and boards, Dr. Sucher also served as the acting medical director of the Division of Behavioral Health at the Arizona State Department of Health Services.

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Dr. Sucher developed Mission Pacific Coast Recovery’s Professional Assessment Service at Mission Hospital Laguna Beach, where he served as a consultant in professional health and practiced addiction medicine. He is certified as a medical review officer by ASAM, and he American Board of Addiction Medicine granted him diplomate status in 2009. He is also a past president of the Arizona Society of Addiction Medicine.

Michele LeWinter

Michele LeWinter, LMFT

Executive Director

Born and raised in New Jersey, Michele LeWinter’s family relocated to Southern California when she was in her teens. She earned her undergrad degree from California State University, Long Beach, and then went on to Pacifica Graduate Institute for an MA in counseling psychology.

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Always interested in relationship dynamics, Le Winter credits an excellent therapist during adolescence with inspiring her to think, “If this helped me, then I bet it could help other people.” Those sessions also helped her make sense of her childhood and understand those experiences, and her interest in relationship theory grew from there.

A licensed marriage and family therapist, LeWinter’s past experience includes positions at Sierra Tucson as a family therapist and assistant clinical director and running the “quality of life” workshops at Miraval. From there, she established a private practice for two decades with a specialty in couples and addictions.

LeWinter started at The Meadows Outpatient Center in Scottsdale as a therapist before transferring to Wickenburg, where she became the clinical supervisor for the interns. After a three-year break to care for her aging parents, she returned as part of the Meadows Case Management team. Before long, she was chosen to head the program at The Meadows Malibu.

A natural fit for the position of executive director, LeWinter has extensive training in couples therapy and feels strongly about treating the patient within the relationship structure they will be returning to. In this new role she’s excited about deepening the clinical experience at The Meadows Malibu and adding more family work, preparing patients and loved ones to incorporate what they’ve learned once they return home.

A mom of two adult children, her son’s diagnosis on the autism spectrum has given her a deeper awareness of how people think and process information differently. This personal experience has helped her gain insight into learning differences, processing speeds, and social skills awareness.

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