How We Should Be Eating as We Age

Health and wellness information can be frustrating and confusing. One week, coffee is good. The next, it’s an absolute no-no. Ditto for red meat, bread, and dairy products which may or may not be healthy depending on the latest study. Adding to the mayhem is the multibillion-dollar diet industry with seemingly endless regimens endorsed by experts of all kinds: keto, gluten-free, low-fat, high-fat, carb-forward, carb-adverse, intermittent fasting.

Yet, despite all the ways to “get thin fast,” obesity is at epidemic proportions, according to It’s no wonder why so many people struggle with healthy eating. And as we age, these decisions become even more important. There are numerous benefits of eating healthy for older adults, and the good news is that the best approach isn’t the latest fad. It’s one that’s sensible and never goes out of style.

Success and Suicide

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Contrary to popular assumptions, being successful, wealthy, or noteworthy (or all three) doesn’t guarantee lifelong happiness and peace of mind. It also doesn’t make you immune from addiction, mental health struggles, or even suicide. If anything, increased success is often a harbinger for increased pressure that makes life more difficult, not easier. That’s one of the many reasons celebrity suicides are more common than you might realize.

Alcohol Addiction Post-COVID

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The COVID-19 pandemic altered our lifestyles in a number of ways. Some changes were temporary, and others have become permanent or longer-lasting. Because lockdowns and quarantine decreased (and at times nearly eliminated) social gatherings while increasing isolation, our use of alcohol changed, too. Now that the initial phase of COVID is over, some of us may be dealing with unhealthy alcohol use habits we picked up during the pandemic, even alcohol addiction. But with treatment, anyone who is suffering from alcoholism can find healing and renewal.

7 Dangers of Detoxing Alone

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It stands to reason that treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can quite literally be a matter of life and death. Every effective treatment plan includes a process called detoxification. Drug detox and alcohol detox rid the body of the toxic substances in which it has become dependent. Detox is among the first steps toward recovery. If you’ve asked yourself, Can I detox alone? The short answer is no. Drug detox and alcohol detox should be attempted only under the direct supervision of a trained medical professional. Here are seven reasons why:

The Upside of Anxiety

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It is easy to write off anxiety, stress, and other mental health symptoms as universally “bad” or unwanted. Too much anxiety can have serious consequences on your health and contribute to everything from heart and breathing problems to depression, headaches, fatigue, panic attacks, and more. However, it has been found that some measure of anxiety can actually be good for you. Learning to harness its strength and use it to your advantage could end up putting you ahead of the game, instead of behind in many of life’s circumstances.

When Not Helping Is Hurting

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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA). Learning how to spot the warning signs of suicide and being willing to broach the subject with a loved one can be critical to their well-being. As much as we want to deny that someone’s suicidal thoughts or actions are serious, our best defense against suicide is to lean in, listen, and request the supportive help of others.

How Do I Know If I Have Bipolar Disorder?

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Bipolar disorder may be one of the most misunderstood mental health disorders today. We’ve all heard of it, and if we’re being honest, we’ve all formed our own perceptions after seeing it portrayed in movies and on TV as individuals struggling with manic highs and dangerously dark lows. But the reality is more complex than that.

The Complex Trauma Survivor Faces a Lifetime Worth of Bullying

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Complex trauma survivors face a dilemma that very few can fathom: they are forced to confront present-day stressors while attempting to resolve triggers from the past. These layers upon layers of trauma take courage, support, and time to unravel. The healing journey of a complex trauma survivor who has several sources of toxic stress is multifaceted. Their day to day reality is filled with tiny terrors embedded within larger cracks in the psychological war zone that is their psyche.

Does ‘Euphoria’ Get Addiction Right?

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What I remember most from growing up in the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) generation was that those frightening school assembly testimonials were more than enough to motivate me to “say no” to drugs. As well-intentioned as the D.A.R.E. program was, it turns out their scare tactics, wealth of statistics, and refusal strategy for when someone is offered their first beer or joint didn’t work. Scientific American reported “no significant long-term improvement in teen substance abuse” in 30 subsequent evaluations after the first national study of D.A.R.E. was made public in 1994. Now, in stark contrast to the “just say no” mentality, the binge-watching contingent has been learning about the harrowing realities of addiction by watching Euphoria, a buzzy HBO show starring Gen Z icon Zendaya as Rue Bennett.

Diversity: Doing the Work


The noble concepts of diversity and inclusion have been in play since the mid-1960s, as cultural, social, and educational constructs — and systemic racism inherent in them — were confronted during the Civil Rights movement. Decades later, movements like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter brought nationwide attention to social injustices too reprehensible and rampant to ignore. As the digital age revolutionized global communication, social media gave victims and advocates a worldwide stage for demonstration.