How Do Antidepressants Work, and When Are They Not Enough?

woman holding anti-depressants

With the rise of depression medications, depression and its treatment are increasingly under the microscope. If you or someone you know struggles with depression, it’s easy to wrestle with a number of questions. Exactly how do antidepressants work? How do I know if my antidepressants are working properly? Should I use my medication in conjunction with other efforts to overcome depression?

Escapism: When It’s Healthy, When It Harms

escapism in field

We’ve all done it … stayed up late bingeing our favorite Netflix series, lingered in the bathroom to browse social media, enjoyed a cheesy romance novel, or played hours of video games.

Sometimes we indulge as entertainment. Other times we are looking for a distraction from the daily grind. In most instances, escapism isn’t harmful.

The problem occurs when we escape a little too often for a little too long, or when escaping interferes with our daily life. This can be a sign that we are addicted to escapism. It’s important to evaluate whether your escapism is a healthy form of self-care or a potentially dangerous habit.

Taking Stock of Your Tech Usage

man on phone doing lots of screen time

Most experts and parents are in agreement over the importance of limiting screen time for kids. But have you ever considered whether adults should have tech limits too?

Yes, we need technology for many daily activities — work, keeping up with family and friends, getting directions to the doctor’s office, etc. — but just because we are old enough to make our own schedule doesn’t mean we are immune to the endless pull of technology and the negative effects it brings with it.

Lifestyle Fatigue and Depression

woman fatigued

It’s normal to feel anxiety, sadness, disappointment, and even depression from time to time, especially in the world we’re living in. But if you feel these feelings more often than not, and you find you’ve been feeling them for weeks or months on end, you may be suffering from “lifestyle fatigue.”

Celebrities Sharing Their Struggles to Help Others

If you’ve ever flipped through a copy of US Weekly, there’s a rather comical section called “Stars — They’re Just Like Us!” There you may find Brad Pitt pumping his own gas, or a Kardashian smiling as she exits the dentist’s office. While stardom seems to come with many irresistible and enviable perks, it turns out that people with lives in the spotlight are very much “just like us” in ways we may not have considered.

The New Demand for Chemical-Free Weed

weed plant

Organic or “clean” products are synonymous with our consumer experience. You’ve seen them on the shelves everywhere you shop. Entire stores are devoted to providing organic or clean product lines. When you think about clean products, essentials like produce, meats, beauty supplies, and even toothpaste come to mind. But how about marijuana? 

Like many product categories, the clean movement is catching on in the cannabis market as well. But what exactly is “clean weed?” And is it a better (or safer) option than traditional weed? With organic marijuana becoming more mainstream in the growing cannabis industry, it’s important to know the facts.

Decluttering for Better Mental Health

It’s tempting to think of decluttering as more of an aesthetic choice. Something aspirational that works for some people better than others.

As it turns out, bestselling author Marie Kondo was definitely onto something with The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In the recent Netflix show inspired by her book, Kondo’s methods showcased why decluttering is good for you. Embracing a less-is-more approach led to tangible life changes, including improved sleep, less anxiety, and a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Shared Rooms: Why Support During Treatment Helps

While sharing a room may conjure up childhood memories of bunking up with a sibling or that college roommate who had horrible taste in music, emotional support in addiction treatment is absolutely vital. It’s for this reason that being paired up, rather than embracing an isolated, island mentality during recovery, is a helpful strategy.

Most Depressing Professions Now

We’ve all felt burned-out, tired, or bored at work. Even the best jobs will occasionally involve stress and well, work. But some jobs do come with a greater likelihood of mental health concerns like depression and anxiety. Below are the top six most depressing professions in the US today, and what you can do if you or a loved one is struggling in one of these careers.

How We Should Be Eating as We Age

Health and wellness information can be frustrating and confusing. One week, coffee is good. The next, it’s an absolute no-no. Ditto for red meat, bread, and dairy products which may or may not be healthy depending on the latest study. Adding to the mayhem is the multibillion-dollar diet industry with seemingly endless regimens endorsed by experts of all kinds: keto, gluten-free, low-fat, high-fat, carb-forward, carb-adverse, intermittent fasting.

Yet, despite all the ways to “get thin fast,” obesity is at epidemic proportions, according to It’s no wonder why so many people struggle with healthy eating. And as we age, these decisions become even more important. There are numerous benefits of eating healthy for older adults, and the good news is that the best approach isn’t the latest fad. It’s one that’s sensible and never goes out of style.