Customized Treatment in a Private Setting

Due to a lack of resources and challenging schedules, many treatment facilities have to fit their patients into a rigid treatment plan and schedule. This can leave patients feeling forgotten, overlooked or dissatisfied. It can also lead to feelings of failure and confusion, and may increase the risk of relapse.

This is why the behavioral health professionals at The Meadow Malibu are dedicated to providing customized addiction treatment tailored to your specific needs.

“We treat the whole person and use everyone from housekeeping to clinical to look at everything that’s going on systemically. I think that’s the most integrated, healthy way that we can treat people with the most dignity and respect.”

Michele LeWinter, LMFT

The Meadow Malibu’s Three Principles of Addiction Recovery

There are three principles that form the core of psychological functioning which create and govern our life experiences: mind, thought, and consciousness.  As your understanding of these principles increases, you also understand more about your mental functioning and gain your own personal insights. At The Meadow Malibu, we believe that all people are inherently resilient and wise, despite any dysfunctional behaviors they may exhibit, and we want to help point you back to that.  You can learn how your experiences originate from the inside out instead of the outside in. Our thoughts create our experiences and feelings. Once you understand this, you can gain freedom from them, and the outside world becomes less threatening. Learning about The Three Principles while in addiction treatment helps you recognize your individual perspectives, feelings, and thought processes.

A Recovery Program Tailored Specifically for You

As a 12-bed facility, our house provides an intimate, homey setting, where we have the ability to really get to know every client who walks through the door. This ensures that no client ever gets “lost,” and allows our treatment team to tailor a recovery program specifically suited for your unique clinical, health, social, work, and personal needs.

Clinical – We accommodate external healthcare appointments and work closely with your existing case manager to help you succeed.

Health – We offer specialty fitness training, including yoga, an onsite soccer field, acupuncture, and canyon hikes. We provide nutrition education, and the staff chef is part of your treatment team, ready to accommodate your dietary requirements. Our unique Brain Center is a calm, caring environment where a trained facilitator shows patients how they can improve their self-regulation skills. 

Social – We encourage regular contact with loved ones. Family and group therapy options are also available as appropriate.

Work – We will coordinate a treatment plan and schedule that makes sure you don’t miss an important conference call. Your program also may allow you to bring a laptop for business purposes on a case-by-case basis.

Personal – We know that when treatment ties in your own interests and passions, you stay engaged and invested, so we go out of our way to make that happen for a truly meaningful, personal treatment experience.

When you are part of creating your own recovery plan, you have a greater stake in the outcome, and are more likely to follow it through to success.

Our clinical team creates each client’s individual schedule daily based on where you are and what you need at that moment. While each schedule is customized, this may include:


Creating an Individual Experience at The Meadow Malibu

We encourage each patient to set individual recovery goals and define success for themselves. Our behavioral health professionals listen to your needs and allow you to heal and grow at your own pace, taking control of your treatment process. Over time, we work with you or your loved one to find passion, confidence, all-round health, and your true self.

Individualized Treatment

What does this look like? For some, it means working with our chefs to develop menus or master certain meals. For others, it means practicing mindfulness and inner strength during morning walks on the Malibu beaches or sunrise yoga. You may connect more deeply with your emotions with new skills and activities such as improv or painting.

Whatever your path to success, The Meadows Malibu is committed to meeting you where you are, working together to create a new, better “normal” for your life.

As an individual, you are valuable and deserve love. You also deserve a chance to experience these truths for yourself. The compassionate team at The Meadows Malibu can help you make that experience real.

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