A Diverse Treatment Menu

At The Meadow Malibu, you hear the term “customized” used a lot. It’s not just a buzzword, it’s the key to our success. We know that each client has their own specific needs, passions, and goals, and we truly believe that you’ll be the most successful when we create a treatment plan that caters to those. That’s why we offer a wide range of time-tested treatment methods and holistic options, all aimed at giving you the tools you need to succeed — in treatment and in life.


Neurofeedback, also known as EEG (electroencephalogram) biofeedback, is a therapeutic intervention that provides immediate feedback from a computer-based program that assesses a client’s brainwave activity. The program then uses sound or visual signals to reorganize or retrain these brain signals. By responding to this process, clients learn to regulate and improve their brain function and to alleviate symptoms of neurological and mental health disorders.


While those results sound great, you may still be wondering about the actual process for the patient. Here’s what you can expect: While you are sitting in a chair, the therapist will attach sensors to your scalp. A computer EEG program will process your brain signals, providing information about various brainwave frequencies. Using a program similar to a video game, you will watch the graphics or listen to music while your brain and central nervous system receive feedback signals from the program. The program will then begin directing your brainwave activity toward more desirable and controlled patterns. You will get immediate feedback from the program when your brainwave patterns improve. Between sessions, you should be able to notice changes in stress, sleep patterns, and mental clarity.

Yoga and meditation

Holistic Offerings

“Today’s addiction treatment landscape looks far more diverse,” according to a 2018 article by U.S. News & World Report, “with many rehab programs offering alternative interventions alongside more traditional medical and clinical therapies.” Why? Because a growing body of research has proven the therapeutic benefits of these alternative therapies, noting the science behind their effectiveness.


Talking is far from the only type of treatment. Engaging your body, quieting your mind, and exploring your creativity are all great ways to augment your treatment schedule. Taking part in tai chi, qigong, acupuncture, yoga, and massage can all deliver therapeutic as well as physical benefits. Add in guided meditation, yoga nidra, mindfulness exercises, and spiritual support, and you’ll add new tools to your recovery arsenal. Art group, drama, and music provide yet another form of therapy.

Treatment Methods

Each client’s treatment plan is made up of a variety of clinical methods ranging from individual and group therapy to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing, and support groups covering a variety of topics. And each of these types of treatment may look different for the individuals who take part in them.


CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy

For many, we think of group therapy as a large number of patients sitting in chairs in a circle. In reality, it can look like a number of different things (chairs optional). Our low patient-to-staff ratio ensures very small groups, allowing us to take treatment to a variety of interesting locations. Our groups — and the topics they address, from trauma to anger management to relapse prevention — change based on the needs and interests of our current clients. Our clinical staff boasts an impressive list of varied skills and credentials, so they’re up to any challenge.